Alum-Worx Talent Program

Alum-Worx collaborates with corporate, educational, and innovation communities to grow, expand, and connect creative talent to meaningful experiences, jobs, and new innovative opportunities.


Put our Superpower to work for you!

Our superpower is bringing you the BEST for you and your team.

We extensively review employers and employees and match them based on talent need, expertise, and cultural fit. 

We build relationships with you and your team and manage projects from start to finish.  Timelines, budgets, candidate selection, scope of work and deliverables are all carefully and thoughtfully managed by our experts.

At the end of your project program you will receive:

  • Completed project deliverables
  • Fully vetted talent based on skills, personal interactions, and teaming abilities
  • Cultural fit ensuring long-term benefits

This is not merely acquisition of talent, Alum-Worx brings experience and expertise that drives innovation and delivers solutions reducing costs, and filling your positions with the right employees who will impact your business growth for years to come.

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Our innovative process provides a

better value to your organization.  

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