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Explore a new career, gain professional skills. Find pathways to success in companies and industries you never knew you could! 

Alum-Worx Studios program is designed to introduce you to variety of industries, build your portfolio samples, and help you develop the fundamental skills necessary to pursue a comprehensive career in the industry you want.

Our immersion-based programs are developed with the goal of preparing you for the workplace, and ensuring that you find the right company for YOU!   We provide personalized attention to further develop your understanding and the skills needed to pursue a successful long-term career path in ways that are meaningful to your personal goals as aspirations.

Our proprietary programs are designed to get you involved and active on actual experiences.  You will learn and grow while engaging newly developed skills in cross functional and cross industry. Graduates of the Alum-Worx Studios program become eligible for additional opportunities throughout Alum-Worx placement services.

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Alum-Worx Studios

Launch your Career. Alum-Worx helps you uncover your potential and make the right connections!

 Our team is on hand to help you so you are fully prepared and gain the additional skills needed to move you ahead.

Alum-Worx Studios is designed to prepare you for the Alum-Worx placement program. At the end, you’ll meet with our team and receive personalized feedback and learn more about you. Our team will help you prepare for one of the opportunities available with our partner employers.  We work with you to make sure you are matched based on your creative expertise, soft skills and overall fit.

With Opportunities nationally and internationally in all areas of industry, Alum-Worx will work directly with you to ensure your search is personalized and the companies you connect with are meaningful and right.


specialized programming


One-On-One Coaching Sessions

By working with Alum-Worx staff, you will learn  where to round out your skills to make you stand out from the rest and develop approaches to make you a productive and confident as a potential new employee.

Project-based Professional Development

Alum-Worx staff work with you to help you design, build, participate, and present  innovative projects that showcase your individual skills and talent.

Mentored Group Projects

As a member of Alum-Worx Studios, you will have opportunities to gain valuable experience while learning from our professionals in actual work settings

Complete Employment Prep

Interview readiness, polished interpersonal skills and "on-the job" skills are just as important as  your creative capabilities. Hiring companies want to know that you will be able to jump right in and “fit” with their team.  

Alum-Worx studios provides fun, engaging workshops, group projects and individualized coaching  that prepares and teaches you crucial skills needed to land your job and succeed in your creative career and demonstrate your mastery of the soft skills employers find so important.

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